Day One

My assertion that a year starts just after Labour Day weekend is deeper than it appears. First of all, it shows my roots. I am Canadian, as evidenced by my spelling. Neighbours, colours and flavours are part of my world. Next, I can’t help but remember the sense I had every Labour Day weekend of my youth. New pencils and notebooks ready, I felt a mix of regret that summer was over and excitement for what lay ahead.

So it seems natural that today is my first attempt at launching a blog. I love food blogs, and I hate food blogs. I don’t like seeing people’s dinner plates in restaurants (ok, that is the Canadian in me appalled at the idea of snapping photos at a table). I enjoy reading about “finds” and delights and I rely on local foodies to steer me towards kindred spirits when I travel.

I am aware that I am writing in the singular, to keep the grammar simple and personal, but my foodography is a team effort. You know who you are, my muses and partners in crime.


Sometimes, fooding is straightforward and obvious. And sometimes, it leads along (in this case actually) a long and winding road. This weekend found us at the junction of MA,CT and NY states, an hour and a half and a world away from NY City. A while ago I asked our friends, Joshua and Jessica at Fleisher’s Meats (who will get their due in print) if they knew of any great food in this area. We are new to exploring the Berkshires. The only suggestion was Serevan in Amenia, NY.

I admit it. We went back twice in two days. Wait, it gets worse. I had the same appetizer both nights. And it was a beet salad. I mean, really?

If you can still stomach reading after my admissions, let me explain. Beet salad can be good. This was something else. It was proof that indeed, G-d IS in the details, and that a few very talented individuals understand balancing flavours and textures instinctively. Serge Madikians is a chef-alchemist, turning carefully chosen beautiful local produce into…no I am not being trite or using clichés…magic.

Back to my actual dinner, beets were followed by fabulous chicken bastilla (pastilla to some) one night, and perfect scallops the next. Between the two nights and different dinner companions, we tried several dishes, and each was…perfect.  No really, I am hard to please and very critical.

Serge, my most sincere thank you for doing what you do. If you have some photos to share, please send them to me to post. I refuse to snap away at a table, partly because I think it is gauche and silly, and party because I do not WANT to take pictures, I want to eat.

The perfect fig galette with pistachios and honey

Day after Day 1

Goodie.  As I finish writing and adding links to Serevan I just found that recipes are posted.  Stay tuned…I will post as I cook!



  1. I’ll drop by regularly, Rachel… particularly if you’re writing about the Berkshires. V & I stayed at a a wonderful cottage leased by the Red Lion Inn , in Stockbridge. It is called Meadowlark and is the restored Studio in which Daniel Chester French , sculpted the Lincoln Memorial. Sadly, I am one of those who snaps pics of my food at restaurants. Please forgive the ways of this sinner.

  2. I’ve had the unforgettable pleasure of trying to recreate one of Serge’s scallop dishes. Kindly, he emailed me a recipe. He not only is an amazing chef but a truly remarkable man who is uniquely connected to his food. I have yet to get a road trip in to visit him @ Serevan but it won’t be long since I’ve promised him several times in the last six months. His ideas and tastes are flowered with exuberance and I relish his meals as I cook hum-drum meals for my hubby. I think he could be my ultimate foodie-affair man after I sit infront of one of his plates. Up to now, he has stricken me, lusted my tongue and breathed new fire under my wanting fedish for superfluous suppers. A road trip is in order!

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