Gluttony, but the good kind.

Passion.  It is something that is contagious, and hard to fake. In the food business, I understand how easy it must be to get jaded. But really, the difference between going out for a meal and having a great night out boils down to mojo.  I’m not sure why Montreal has so many passionate chefs, but I’M NOT COMPLAINING! After prepping of a few days eating lettuce and cottage cheese, I recently had the pleasure of spending a few gluttonous hours at Martin Picard’s Sugar Shack, which this fall is offering an apple menu. While I must admit there were a few dishes that weren’t particularly apple-y, everything was, as expected, fabulous. Cream of squash au gratin, garnished with apples and Amaretti cookies,

Cured ham from the “Cabane PDC” and headcheese (photo required to even TRY to explain that one),

Curdled goat yogurt with honeycomb and foie gras shavings on toast, Ravioli stuffed with chicken livers, cavatelli apple sauce accompanied by a foie gras confit, Salmon “en papillotte” (in newspaper) with snails and apple cider sauce ( that I thought was actually and disappointingly not as great as it could have been), apple glazed beef roast, eggplant crepes, warm oysters, hazelnut broccoli (addictive) and lettuce salad (why bother you ask? No, it was really good)…followed by Apple Pie (incredible crust), Soft ice cream and apple sorbet, apple and plum sticky toffee pudding with caramel sauce, and, in case anyone could still breathe, chocolate and apple soufflé.