Big thinking on a Friday afternoon

What IS it about food that makes it so compelling? When I think about why I love to eat, I get grossed out. Why do we like the act of tasting, chewing, swallowing and filling our bellies? Come on, I feel like I’m writing about a lizard! I see its beady eyes as its tongue snatches a morsel of ickyness… But alas, I do love eating, and am guilty of planning dinner as I eat breakfast or lunch. Not only do I love eating, but I love the act of making good ingredients into something that provides pleasure. Really, I even enjoy making a fridge-full of weird bits into something passable! Maybe I should change my perspective and consider myself an aspiring artist whose medium isn’t the pencil and paper I tried to master, but rather, flour and sugar and yeast and water and cheese and veggies and… OK,  I can buy that visual.