Rye-ing in the New Year

My bread has been bettered. By a lot!

I have just consumed the better part of a loaf of bread. With butter. And it was worth it. A good friend introduced me to her good friends about a year ago.  They now live in Vancouver, and own Bigsby’s Bakehouse. We liked each other immediately, and launched into foodtalk. And breadtalk. I finally made it to the bakery this week.  We passed by on our way to the airport, stocked with sandwiches, bread, brownies and cinnamon buns for the long trip home. The sandwiches and brownies were devoured in a minute. Smoked turkey skin, tomatoes and pea shoots on dark rye….mmmmm.  Tuna with olives, pickles amd cukes on delicious baguette….messy and yummy. Perfect brownies. Just perfect. We walked into the house and shared a bread. This morning we polished off the seriously cinnamony buns, and the final bread. Ok, i feel a LITTLE full. But determined to bake bread like that. Moist. Chewy. Deeply flavourful. With great appreciation to our friends at Bigsby Bakehouse, here goes, with a few adjustments:
For 2 loaves, using the technique and baking instructions from Tartine (refer to my older posts)
200g starter (levain)
600g Unbleached four
400g Dark Rye Flour ( I used pumpernickel)
700g water ( I actually added a bit more when I folded it the first time because it seemed a bit tough)
20g of sea salt
70g molasses
1 tsp cocoa powder
A small handful of caraway seeds if desired.
How it looks when first mixed

How it looks when first mixed

The dough is sticky and never gets as silky as regular wheat doughs.  Dark rye is not a glutinous flour. The “folds” are not as easy as the country bread, but it works.
After a few hours....

After a few hours….

Bigsby’s lets the final rise (after shaping) go for 18-24 hours in the fridge. That makes it really easy.
YUM.  My first loaf is out of the oven….here comes the butter.

Rye Bread #1

Rye Bread #1