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Today I’m treating all of you to a poem written by my mom, Helen.  This is her first blog post, ever!


“How To Be An Olympian” was written sometime ago, for my delightful grandchildren when they were still in their younger childhood years. But by the time I had trashed, renovated, edited and printed it, my darlings had grown into “foodies” with exciting, cosmopolitan food choices of their own on their curious, sophisticated palettes. But the concepts are still prime, and so I dedicate this now to young families who want to start training their Olympians from the inside out.


How to be an Olympian


I want to grow up smart!

I want to grow up strong!

I know that junk and bunk foods

Will grow me up all wrong!

I’ll grow tubby in the tummy

And jello-y in the head

I know the junk and bunk is full

Of sugar and fat instead

Of – vitamin A’s and B’s and C’s

D’s and a little bit of E’s!


I want my hair to squeak and shine!

I want my teeth to be mine, all mine!

I want my body to fight, fight, fight

Against the wheezes and the sneezes that hachoo in the night!

I want to be an Olympian not a Blimpian, not a doubt!

I want to be as healthy on the inside as the out!

Junk belongs in the garbage can

And not in our intestines

If you want to know how Olympians grow

I can give you some yummy suggestions –


Well, eggs and milk and fishes

Are Olympian-eater dishes –

Meat and fruit and whole wheat bread

Will feed the brains inside your head –

And veg-e-ta-bles too

For lunch to crunch and chew

Will fill you full of vigour and vim

To grow a stronger her and him

And you –

It’s true – it’s absolutely true!

And if you munch

On a freshly-washed bunch

of grapes – they’re as sweet as honey

Your nose will never honk or close

Or get red and runny and gummy!

Eating your potatoes baked

With the good stuff wrapped in the skins,

Will keep away the misery

Of sprouting double chins

That often tend to show up and stay

When too many fries are put away!

And please, please, please

Remember that low-fat cheese

With a crispy crunchy salad of greens –

And tomato – on your plate-o –

Is ever so good to munch on

While mom is preparing your luncheon!


Remember, too, vitaminly greens

Like broccoli spinach peas and beans

Or cauliflower and cucumber

With lettuce and sprouts

Might make you slumber

From exercising your jaws, to chew

And chew and chew and chew and chew –

But will absolutely keep the sparkle

In your eyes

For you!

And you might like to know that carrots –

Though orange, not green – have merits

And are perfect for chomping away on

When you’re colouring with your crayon!


Brown rice is nice

With nuts and spice

And is eaten lots from family pots

In the East –

What a feast!


And hey – have you already found the knack

Of a super, super Olympian snack?

Well apple slices spread with cheese

Are definitely designed to please

You and your daddy and mommy –

M-m-m-m scrump-ti-ous-ly yummy!


Almond butter or hummus

Spread on carrot sticks

Or whole wheat bread

Or celery

Is swellery!  Do tellery!

Unsugared cereal cold or hot,

Will add to your go-power quite a lot

With milk and nuts and raisins and seeds –

It’s what an Olympian’s body needs!

And have you tried for a nibble of sweets

Dried apples or figs or dates as treats?

They’re munchy and scrunchy

You’ll like them lots

And wait ‘til you taste dried apricots –

They’re es-pe-ci-a-ly nice

And better than candy for the price!

Pretzels, popcorn and sunflower seeds

Are absolutely fine –

Pita and pickles and rice cakes

And coconuts

Are sublime!

Oranges and yogurt

And almonds are delicious

Olympian stuff is neater stuff – than junk

And so nutritious!

You’ll never get a cavity

From anything that grows on a tree

That’s edible – wow – incredible!

But what about the no-no’s

The dumb things,

The “doh-doh’s”

That do not help at all

To make a champion mighty and tall?


Well, gobs and gobs of ice cream

Chocolate and whipped cream

Are really bad for mom and dad

And you – too!


Gum and candies, cookies and cake

Are no-no things that help to make

The pimples on your dimples

The black holes in your teeth

The stickies on your fingers

And the bulgies on your beef!

And do you know what not to drink –

What is wrong –

To grow strong?

Well, sugared pop is sure to give you grief

In the teeth!

Cola drinks contain, me-thinks

Ingredients that are not good sense

To thrive on

Or to jive on

Or for kids to feel alive on!


Artificial stuff like colour

May not make us dull or duller

But will not feed our brains a bit

Not a wit!

So Quit!

And here is some news

You might have refused

To score –

Before –

Surprisingly –

Sports drinks are full of sugary stuff and no use –

Drink juice, drink juice – unsugared, natural juice!

Hey what would you say produces

That special oomph for Olympian uses?

It’s the fruit and veg-e-tables – in juices!  You gooses!

And have you tasted tofu yet?

It’s a food from Asia your mom might get –

Lots of folks who tofu eat

Say that it can taste like meat

But unlike meat, it’s white!

Are you brave enough to try a bite?

And goodness please, let’s not forget about water –

‘Cuz when you’re really thirsty, then you ought-er

Glug, glug, glug a glass or two

For sports or the stuff you want to do

‘Cuz it fills you up with pep and more

To play and shoot and make the score!


So now – hey wow –

Take a trip to your kitchen cupboards – with mom

I’m sure she’ll be glad to explain what she keeps in some

And I bet you’ll discover with mom or yourself

A treasure chest on every shelf

Of awesome edibles – just for you

That will help you grow up

Tall and true!


And if you follow the ABC’s
Of what to eat and what not

You’ll be much too strong and much too smart

To ever find your self caught

With straggly hair

Or a shape like a pear

Or teeth that go rot in the night!

Olympians feel good

Like Olympians should

From chowing down

What is right, right, right!

Because we need red corpuscles

To put energy in our muscles,

And – each – right – bite  –

Turns into – might – might – might!


So Bon Appetite – it was really a treat

For us to discuss – how Olympians eat!

I’ll recognize you forever – because

You’ll be the coolest a kid ever was –

And the strongest champion under the sun

Growing up – an Olympian!


The poet, Helen (Appy)

The poet, Helen (Appy)



  1. Rachel – this would make a fabulous kids book to teach them about food. And I could provide an olympian or two to help market it!! Great poem. Andrea

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