Magic, one drop at a time

What do cream cheese icing and strawberry jam have in common?

Normally, not much. But I have recently discovered Fiori di Sicilia! In English, the Italian “”fiori di Sicilia”” translates as flower of Sicily. While the flavor is pure creamsicle, it is actually a floral extract.  Added to either of the above-mentioned items (or sugar cookies, or pound cake, or, so my research has shown, soda water), my new discovery takes them to a new level. I found my little bottle of magic at King Arthur Flour, but it is available elsewhere.

A little dab will do you – I added too much to my batch of jam and have to recook it with another load of berries to dilute it.  But really, this bottle deserves a spot in every kitchen.


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  1. Thank you. I had forgotten about fiori di Sicilia. It is a lovely flavoring. King Arthur, here I come!

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